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Ron Spinabella's SEO Rants for the Month of September

Ron Spinabella is at it again and is loving the SEO game. With the release of Hawk algorithm, tearing Possum up to shreds, it gives us SEO's hope that SEO isn't dead.
With Voice search around the horizon, we have to be as vigilant as possible to start getting all of our ducks in a row.
A voice search only turns up a few results, and if your not one of them, your shit out of luck.
Local Search still has hope, a smaller geographic area is always easier to target than the entire united states. I've been having some good success here in Las Vegas where we have only around 650,000 people according to Google Public Data.

Its a much easier sandbox to play in than New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago. I've been ranking good for my clients in a pretty saturated industry. Only 2-3 companies actually are competing hard in the SEO game in this industry, all the others are wasting their money on Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

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