Googles John Mueller Confirms Structured Data Possibly Improves Rankings

Structured Data is not a direct Ranking Factor of Googles Algorithm

John Mueller clarified in a tweet that there is 
“There’s no generic ranking boost for SD usage. That’s the same as far as I remember. However, SD can make it easier to understand what the page is about, which can make it easier to show where it’s relevant (improves targeting, maybe ranking for the right terms). (not new, imo)”
for using structured data.  

Structured Data howerver can help a site rank by telling google what the page is all about. Google is just a computer, a smart computer, but it does need help telling what a page is all about sometimes. Are you selling a product or service? Is this a local business or are you located in another state?
Structured Data is an easy way to communicate this information to Google about the content on your website.

Businesses with several offices can see benefits from structured data because they can show that they have a physical presence in different cities. This will help them show up in Local SERPS along with the rest of the local companies in that town.

Businesses that sell well known products can also let google know about the manufactuer , size, and colors of the items.

Structured Data is not optional and is needed in these competitive times for SERP rankings.


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