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Rand Fiskin, SEO GOD, leaves Moz

End of February Rank about SEO.

So Rand Fiskin leaves Moz? Isn't that like Warren Buffet leaving Berkshire Hathaway? I would have thought that Rand would have drawn his last breath while doing a whiteboard friday video!

He is starting a new company named SparkToro, which is in the influencer and AI sector. It looks like Rand was ousted as he described his leaving moz as a 1 out of 4 on a 1 out of 10 scale. 

Rand is still the largest shareholder of the company and owns 24% of it while still being the chairperson on the board of directors.

Next on my Rant, Why did google remove the visit image source on Google Image Search? They announce a partnership with Getty images and all of a sudden they are worried about people stealing the images? 

You can just visit the site and steal them with a few seconds worth of extra effort. 

Googles testing out rich snippets that are double the size now. WTF?
In July its going to use pagespeed as a factor for mobile search! Stuff is sure changing fast.

New Useless Google Search Console Beta

As Many of you know, google has launched the Public Beta of the Google Search Console, the one problem is, more than half of the features are missing. The one's people actually need.
All there is a little coming soon notification on the left menu bar!

Whats the point of teasing us with the traffic graphs and not giving us the whole kit and caboodle?
They have been making this thing for over a year, whats taking them so long? Don't they have some of the best programmers in the world working for them?

Also, they are sending out mass emails to everybody with a site in search console with the subject line "Introducing the new Search Console (beta)" .

Whats the point of introducing an unfinished product? I got so excited when it was first released, but so disappointed to see that it is practically useless now.

Hopefully the complaints will start rollin in and they will give us all the features soon. But who knows!