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Google My Business now lets you add a description to your business listing

Google Finally allows Businesses to add their business description to their knowledge panel Google finally announces that businesses can now add a business description to their knowledge panel. This description will now show up in local search when searching for a business.
We knew this feature was being added because Google had tested it on select users to see how it would work. Good news that they finally let all business owners add a description for their business.
To use this feature, log in to your Google My business account and click on the info button on the navigation bar. You will see a new field called Add Business Description. Click on the little pencil edit box next to it and a box will popup allowing you to add your description of your business.  It looks like they limited it to 750 characters, but that should do for most businesses.

Google starts rolling out mobile first indexing to more sites

Google has officially announced that it has begun the process of rolling out mobile first indexing to more sites that are ready and have show best practices when it comes to mobile sites.

This is the first confirmation Google has given us, but many of us have suspected for a while that the mobile first indexing was rolled out in December with the Maccabees update. 

For a while, i noticed rankings exactly the same on a few of my properties for mobile and desktop search engine ranking positions.

Last october google said that a limited amount of sites have been moved over, but now it sounds like they are starting to do this on a large scale.

Google will notify website owners via Google Search Console that their sites have been moved to the mobile first indexing process. 

Webmasters will see a sharp increase in crawling activity from mobile Googlebot.

Google has defined mobile first indexing as:
To recap, our crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have typically used the desktop version of a pa…

Google My Business being rolled out to new users across the GMB platform

New Features are coming out for Google My Business users. They are giving us a few interface and a sidebar navigation bar to help with navigating between posts, insights, and photos

 It has been confirmed by Mike Blumentahl, that new GMB UX is being rolled out to many more users in the United States. They will all be switched to a list view and no longer an option for a card view.
Also in Google News, John Mueller reveals new details about googles mobile first index  He says "Google will notify users when a site is moved to the mobile first index". I think this is a bunch of BS. I think the Google Update back in december was a partial mobile index rollout. All results are not completely the same, but they are pretty close.
Signs that your site may have been moved. 1. An increase in crawing from Mobile Googlebot 2. A drop off in traffic from desktop users
Mueller said that markup on mobile sites is going to be very important coming up. Who knows what he means by that. Respon…

So now Google doesn't want to Index Links?

So now Google is changing their indexing limits for Add URL function in Search Console? WTF
If we SEO's didn't have it hard enough already, google is fighting us tooth and nail.
How do they expect us to rank if nobody can find our backlinks?

Barry Schwartz aka @rustybrick interviewed John Mueller a week ago and we got several different vague answers. 

[John] It sounds like it was too useful in some sense. So that's it's something where sometimes we get a lot of abuse to some of these features and the team has to figure out ways to kind of deal with that abuse in an elegant way. And that it doesn't affect most normal users but it's still able to kind of catch these issues that we run into.
So I believe, especially the the submit URL feature, is something that obviously you can use submit spam as well and some people have used that for example to submit hacked content on a website. Which is all not really what what the tool is meant to be used for. So findin…