Apple Hires Google Chief AI John Giannandrea away from Google.

Apple Must take some marketshare in AI if they want to be competitive

This week Google SVP of Engineering John Giannandrea switches Jobs to Apple to run their AI program there.

John will run apples machine learning and AI strategy. He will report directly to the CEO Tim Cook.

Google has been using AI for sometime with RankBrain and while they have a solid foothold in the AI market, some of their secrets are now in the hands of Apple and Tim cook. 

Apple is playing catch up with AI and are behind Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

Siri is going to be one of the main products that they will be putting behind their AI efforts as well as the New Apple Homepod. Siri has been seriously lacking from the Google Assistant and Alexa. Apple has yet to release any sales figures for their new Home assistant. 


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