Google starts rolling out mobile first indexing to more sites

Google has officially announced that it has begun the process of rolling out mobile first indexing to more sites that are ready and have show best practices when it comes to mobile sites.

This is the first confirmation Google has given us, but many of us have suspected for a while that the mobile first indexing was rolled out in December with the Maccabees update. 

For a while, i noticed rankings exactly the same on a few of my properties for mobile and desktop search engine ranking positions.

Last october google said that a limited amount of sites have been moved over, but now it sounds like they are starting to do this on a large scale.

Google will notify website owners via Google Search Console that their sites have been moved to the mobile first indexing process. 

Webmasters will see a sharp increase in crawling activity from mobile Googlebot.

Google has defined mobile first indexing as:
To recap, our crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have typically used the desktop version of a page’s content, which may cause issues for mobile searchers when that version is vastly different from the mobile version. Mobile-first indexing means that we’ll use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking, to better help our — primarily mobile — users find what they’re looking for.
Google has published a detailed document for webmasters on mobile first indexing so everybody knows what is going on with their websites.

Get Ready for the Mobile Apocalypse!


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